‘A healthy nation is a wealthy nation’ is the formula that underpins LABOUR’s approach to the healthcare sector. It is time that we upgrade our healthcare system to ensure that our citizens and residents have access to world-class, medical technologies here at home. As cancers and other noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) ravage our country, LABOUR believes that access to affordable healthcare is not a privilege, but a basic human right. To that end, LABOUR will ensure one's financial status does not hinder them from receiving the best care possible at our healthcare institutions.

In the first 6 months in office, a new LABOUR Administration will:

  1. Incentivise medical staff through pay increase and staff development to boost morale
  2. Review salary scale to correct discrepancies and improve pay equity across the civil service

During our term in office, a new LABOUR Administration will:

Service Delivery, Infrastructure and Equipment

  1. Build a modern JNF General Hospital
  2. Transform the JNF General Hospital into a professionally-managed, state-owned corporation
  3. Establish Universal Healthcare
  4. Install new MRI, CT scan and other modern life-saving equipment to improve diagnostics and patient care at hospitals and health centers; services will be provided non-profit
  5. Improve patient care, including food and nutrition, customer services, systems of accountability, consistent pharmaceutical supply, especially for elderly and patients with NCDs at all government-run hospitals and clinics.
  6. Explore Public/Private partnership for the establishment of a Mental Health Sanatorium

Policy Changes

  1. Introduce risk pay for certain specialist healthcare workers
  2. Introduce Housing allowance for all nurses and doctors
  3. Re-introduce stipend to all nursing students at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.
  4. Ensure that the Ministry of Health is resourced with a  full cadre of administrative and technical officers
  5. Introduce a National Cancer Control Policy to reduce the number of cancer cases and deaths and improve the quality of life of cancer patients
  6. Provide scholarships for specialist medical services (e.g., emergency room medicine, nurse practitioners, medical doctor specializations)
  7. Create a new integrated electronic health records system
  8. Institute environmentally sound medical waste disposal and management equipment and practices